Adventures in India…Part 4

Today I had the sweet delight of teaching kids at The SOS children’s Villages of India in Green Fields. This organization has 32 children’s Villiages in India, hundreds more around the world. These amazing people sole mission is to care, nourish, love, educate parentless children. These Villages have several small comfortable homes on each village. In this Villiage, Green Fields, Faridabad India, has 20 homes, 200 children age from birth to 18. Each home has their own “Mother” trained over years to nurture a child in all aspects for a full healthy life out in the world. I am so grateful for the generous hospitality and invitation to draw with these beautiful children. Mansi… (Prateek Dixit’s sister from Dehli Comic Con…are you seeing the serindipitas destiny of joyful synergy here?) …gave me a wonderful tour of the campus and one of the homes. It was heartwarming to see how much the children adored her. Thank you Villiage Director Mr.Amarjyoti Sarmah for the visit, and the most delicious tea I’ve ever tasted. Thank you Sonal Vashisht New Dehli Comic Con (ReedPop!) for this India Adventure. If you are looking for one more special place to donate to for your Holiday Giving, I urge you to JOIN ME and make a contribution at Feel free to contact wonderful Mansi Dixit for more information, and or to ship the kids some FANTASTIC Holiday gifts from!!! Let’s share some love my dear loyal Social Media Tribe! Thank YOU! 




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