Full-Day Visual And Performing Fine Arts Virtual Summer Camp

WOW! Mark Kistler and his group of AMAZING ARTS EDUCATORS from across America are joining creative talents to offer an AWESOME FULL-WEEK FULL-DAY VISUAL AND PERFORMING FINE ARTS VIRTUAL SUMMER CAMP.

Our Visual and Performing Fine Arts Virtual Summer Camp teachers include National Award Winning Claymation Animators, Visual Arts Teachers, Musical Theater Directors, Singing and Music Performers, Dance Choreographers,  Puppeteering Creators …and of course “Mark Kistler” from Public Television’s Emmy Award winning “Imagination Station”!

Mark Kistler’s Full-Day Visual and Performing Fine Arts Virtual Summer Camp will be Monday through Friday, 9am-4pm (CDT – GMT -4) for ages 6-16. ALL CAMPERS will have the thrill of experiencing ALL classes including…Claymation, Musical Theater, Art, Puppetry, Cartooning, Singing, Voice, Music, Drama, Dance (hip-hop, jazz, modern), and Drawing in 3-D.

See Last Year’s Featured Guest Artists!

Here is a sample of our 2019 schedule!

Cost For Full-Day Virtual Art Camp for 5 Days

Monday – Friday   9:00am – 4:00pm

REMINDER: Please triple check your calendar as all sales are final, thank you.

If your schedule changes and you are unable to participate, your enrollment will always be honored with a credit towards future camp dates or Mark Kistler products, we are unable to provide refunds.

Cost Per Family


Ages 6 – 106

Introducing our Visual and Performing Fine Arts Camp Teachers

Mark Kistler – Dad – Author – TV Host – Teacher – Ring Leader

Over the past four decades, Mark Kistler has taught millions of children how to draw in 3-D at over 4000 school assembly workshops and summer camps around the world, including Australia, Germany, England, Scotland, Mexico and the United States.

His starring roles as Commander Mark and Captain Mark in the hit children’s public television series The Secret City(1986), The Draw Squad(1989), and The New Secret City Adventures, have been enjoyed in six countries. His most recent self-produced public television series, Mark Kistler’s Imagination Station(1996, 1999 and 2008), has aired on over 150 Public Television stations nationwide. This series won an Emmy Award in 2010.

Mark has written and illustrated many popular children’s drawing books with Simon & Schuster Publishers, Learn to Draw with Commander Mark, Mark Kistler’s Draw Squad, The Imagination Station, and Drawing in 3-D with Mark Kistler. With Scholastic Publishers, his four book children’s series is titled Dare to Draw in 3-D! This past February, he released his first book oriented more for adults, “You Can Draw in 30 Days. ”

Mark deeply believes that learning how to draw in 3-D builds a child’s critical thinking skills while nourishing self-esteem. His positive messages on self-image, dream questing, environmental awareness and the power of reading have inspired millions of children to discover their awesome individual potential.

Born in Ohio, raised in San Diego, Kistler now lives outside Houston, Texas. He enjoys tennis, sailing, dense novels and not travelling. His family has 2 cats “Flash”, and “Gordon”, he loves cats! Unfortunately, Mark’s allergies to cats causes him to cry like a baby.

Sample of Art Lessons from Mark’s Summer Camp

Joel Gori, Actor/Director/Theater Arts Educator from Harrisburg PA

Joel co-Starred with “Commander Mark” Kistler in the 1985 65-episode Children’s PBS Television Series, The Secret City. Millions of viewers around the world know Joel as the 3 character roles he played “Cyndi The Dragon”, Zebtron The Robot”, and “MetaMan The Scientist”.

Joel Gori is a movement-theater artist. His solo shows for young audiences physicalize literature; emphasize the creative process and imagination. He has been a rostered artist with the Pennsylvania  Council on the Arts for more than 30 years and through this arts-in-education program has performed and conducted workshops for thousands of young audience

He is the artistic director of the Metamorphosis Performing Company which creates and tours interactive, issue-oriented programs to colleges, professional organizations and corporate America.  He has taught at the college level, preschool through high school and with senior citizens.





His Summer Fine Arts Camp CLASS:

Theater and the Actors Imagination 

In this class students will learn how to think like an actor and learn to work as an ensemble (team).  They will work on pantomime, improvisation,characterization and story drama. Young actors will learn to be confident in  their ideas and develop divergent and elaborative thinking. And have loads of fun doing it!

Ann Gordon – Art Educator

Ann Gordon started her career by working in the computer graphic industry. She soon realized, she wanted to inspire children to use their talents and realized their potential as artists. 

After getting her education degree, she started molding the lives of her students. She has been teaching visual arts for the last 20 years, from pre-school all the way to high school. 

She is the board president of FAME, the Foundation for Art and Music in Education. The mission of FAME is to foster and perpetuate creativity through multicultural arts education. Each year she is in charge of putting on an arts festival that showcases the talents of young people through different cultures through the arts. It is the single largest weekend festival in Northern Indiana.

She wears the FAME motto close to her heart “Believe in the value and power of the arts to kindle the imagination, encourage creative thinking and enhance human development.”

In her spare time she love to garden and spend time with her husband George and their dogs. She has two grown sons, Spencer a high school biology teacher and Simon an electrical engineer.

Diane Barton- Music Educator- Hickory Center Elementary, Fort Wayne, Indiana

Diane began her love of music when her parents sent her to piano lessons at the age of 5! From there, the clarinet, the bassoon and choir led her to know that music education and working with children was her passion. She attended Indiana University and graduated with a Bachelors degree from Ball State University. Diane received her masters degree from Indiana Wesleyan University, and has spent many hours studying the teaching methods of Carl Orff, Zoltan Kodaly and Jaques Dalcroze.

Diane spends her school days teaching singing, folk dancing and movement, instrument playing, creating, beginning band, and directing musicals and choirs. She has led teacher workshops for FAME (Foundation for Art and Music in Education) and presented at local and state music educator workshops. She believes in bringing the music of the world into her classroom so that her students can experience and appreciate multicultural music through singing games and dances.

Some of her proudest professional accomplishments are being named the Sweetwater Sound Teacher of the Year, and the Northwest Allen County Schools Teacher of the Year two times. She has also been awarded the Keegan Award from Arts United of Allen County. Diane is also pleased to mentor beginning teachers and serve as a leader teacher for student teachers, many of whom are now teaching colleagues.

Most of all, Diane enjoys bringing the joy of music making to her students!

Jamie Hazelwood-Artist, Claymation, Graphic Designer

At the ripe ole age of 6, Jamie Hazelwood discovered a whole new world in animation and hasn’t left it since! From the classic hand drawn Disney films to the amazingly detailed recent stop motion films, inspiration has never stopped for Jamie!

Following his love of drawing and film, Jamie studied at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee in Art and Animation under the tutelage of Disney Animator Tim Decker. During his time at UWM, he specialized in stop motion and created the short “The Misadventures of Nigel and Reginald: The Necessity of Narcissisim”, following the tales of two arrogant bumbling treasure hunters in search of fame and adventure.

Continuing his education in Animation, Jamie went to the Milwaukee Area Technical College to learn the craft of 3D Animation and helped create the short “Bradley Acting Badly” which takes place all inside a mischievous character’s head! Upon his graduation, he was awarded the Lamp of Knowledge trophy, given to one student who best represents the program through hard work and dedication handpicked by the department professors. Jamie is very excited to be included in this years group of “Superstar” arts educators at Mark Kistler’s Fine Arts Camp this year! He has a billion brilliant claymation ideas to share with this years campers!

Guest Artist: Brandon Ray

Paper Cut Animator/ Media Creator

B.Ray is a self-taught animator that likes cheese tasting, beard grooming, and pretending to be a musician. If you’d like, you can call him B. Ray (pronounced like, “Beehray”). That’s basically how he rolls.

Most recently animated the opening for the 2013 Only in Houston Awards honoring Alfred Cervantes of the Houston Film Commission. Before that, he animated a single sentence from Sam Pink’s novel “Rontel” for Electric Literature.

B. Ray has been doing a web series for the past couple years called Paper People Jokes (people send him jokes and he animates them with stop-motion construction paper). In fact, the series was a Shortlisted for the Vimeo Festival + Awards in both 2010 and 2012, which was pretty cool considering that there were 15,000 other entries it was competing with.

B. Ray’s animated works have been featured on Nickelodeon’s Channel Frederator three times, as well as numerous international film festivals and screenings. His animations have also been chosen as a Staff Pick by Vimeo on four different occasions.

In 2008, B. Ray met his childhood hero “Commander” Mark Kistler and had him make a guest appearance on a 5-part animated series.

Now, take a look at some actual 1-hour class session lesson paper cut animation movies!


Now, take a look at these ACTUAL STUDENT Paper Cut Animated Movies…YOU CAN LEARN TO DO THIS TOO!


Ryan Shaw-Cartoon University, Artist, Cartoonist, Children’s Book Illustrator, Graphic Designer

Practically ever since he was able to pick up a pencil, Ryan Shaw has been drawing. After many years of “cartooning” with pencil and paper as a hobby, and with the encouragement of friends and family, he decided to turn his love of drawing into his occupation. He worked hard to improve his skills, becoming a cartoonist, graphic designer, and published children’s book illustrator.

To date, Ryan has illustrated nine children’s books for 4RV Publishing and LongTale Publishing, and in 2009 won 1st place in the nationwide ABC’s Children’s Book Competition. From 2010 through 2014 he taught drawing and illustration techniques for kids in grades 2 through 8 at Creative Writing and Illustration Summer Camps for iWrite Literacy Organization.

It was through teaching at these camps that Ryan decided that he wanted to focus his talents more on inspiring kids directly to open up their creativity and imagination through drawing. In 2013, Ryan created Cartoon University (or “Cartoon U”) to help teach kids the building blocks of drawing cartoons through the use of shapes. With Cartoon U, he has created How to Draw books for kids of all ages that build upon this technique. Ryan is super excited to be a part this year’s group of art instructors for Mark Kistler’s Visual and Performing Fine Arts Camp!

Ryan is member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators and the non-profit iWrite Literacy Organization. He resides in Spring, TX with his wife Maddi and two dogs Sherlock and BeeGee.
The goal of Ryan’s lessons are:

* To inspire kids to expand their creativity and imagination through drawing.
* See for themselves the satisfaction in creating their own art, and cartoon characters
* Build their confidence to open doors to art, writing, and other activities they may have not thought were attainable.

Here are some samples of work done by Ryan:

Emily Albright, Teacher, Illustrator, 3-D Paper Pop-up Art

My personal journey began with sketching as a child, then to working on graphic designs for T-shirts as a teen.  As an adult, I have designed and painted larger-than-life wall murals and now I am teaching art classes to the public.  I currently teach weekly live worldwide art classes online. www.ARTwithAlbright.com

For those in the Houston, Texas area, I get to have in-person interaction with my local events! I also create YouTube video lessons that can be found at Art with Albright and have an On-Demand video membership site www.KeepDrawing.com (which does not have the pesky paid advertising).

I reside in Houston, Texas and I am a homeschool mom of three. (2 graduated and 1 to go).  And a proud U.S. Marine Mom!  When not putting my latest art onto paper, I can be found “pumping iron” at the gym with my husband of over 20 years. My family is very committed to saving animals and you can find our house is always full of foster animals from our local animal shelter!  Beware, you just may see or hear a puppy in a live class!

Jonathan Hayward – Director of Virtual Fine Arts Camp



Past years Fine Arts Camps roster of incredibly talented inspiring Artist!

THANK YOU for your years of sharing your passion and talent with us!

Christopher J. Murphy, Musical Theater Drama

CHRISTOPHER J. MURPHY is the Assistant Director/Director of Outreach of Fort Wayne Youtheatre, where he also directs and teaches.  Murphy served as the Director of Theatre at Blackhawk Middle School from 1993- 2015.  He is a Master Theatre Teacher with F.A.M.E. (Foundation for Art and Music in Education).  He has served as a producer/director/narrator for the Fort Wayne Philharmonic, overseeing, among other productions, their annual Holiday Pops! and “Family Series” shows.  In addition, Murphy is an award-winning actor and director whose work is regularly seen on stages throughout northeast Indiana.

Murphy is thrilled to be spreading Youtheatre’s mission to educate, engage and entertain all the way from Indiana to Texas!

Tommy Simms – Animator, Puppeteer, Cartoonist, Illustrator

Tommy Simms has enjoyed cartoons and drawing for as long as he can remember. He was inspired at a very early age… growing up watching Mark Kistler’s Imagination Station! He always remembers to follow Mark’s 3-D’s of Drawing – “Dream it! Draw it! Do it!”

Tommy is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee’s Peck School of the Arts who specializes in stop-motion animation, puppetry, and cartoons. While at UWM, he studied the art of animation under Disney/Simpsonsanimator, Tim Decker.

Tommy is the creator of such animations as “FEED ME!” (an excerpt from Little Shop of Horrors) and the award-winning, The Legend of Leatherface Larry (an original claymation that follows the adventures of a sheriff in the Wild West). The five years of hard work and dedication, which Tommy put into animating Leatherface Larry, finally paid off when it was showcased in multiple film festivals, including the Short Film Corner at the 67th Festival de Cannes, the International Film Festival in Cannes, France.

It has been a dream come true, animating, traveling the world, and getting to work with his childhood inspiration. For the past few years, Tommy has been teaching the new genius generation the art of animation and puppetry at Mark Kistler’s Art Camps. Most recently, Tommy has partnered with fellow animator, Jamie Hazelwood, bringing their claymation classroom to a computer near you! Students can learn to animate year-round with Tommy and Jamie at their website, www.OutOfToonStudios.com!

Tommy is thrilled to once again join the Art Camp’s creative collection of talented teachers! Stay Animated!

Jamie and Tommy have collaborated for years on many Claymation and Puppetry projects, (Jamie even assisted Tommy in his Cannes Film Festival Film “Leatherface Larry”!), most recently in creating/producing an entire online Claymation Course for ww.MarkKistlerLIVE.com

Heather Closson – Musical Theater and Dance

Heather Closson is a choreographer, performer, and dance educator from Northeast Indiana. She graduated from Ball State University with a B.S. in Dance Performance and holds an M.O.L. in Nonprofit Management. Upon graduation, she worked for and studied at Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival and the American Dance Festival, training professionally in dance and technical theatre.

As an arts educator, Heather continues to share her passions through master classes, private lessons, and choreographing for showcases, competition teams, and educational/community theatre. Specializing in musical theatre choreography, she has choreographed for over thirty productions throughout the state of Indiana and has received several awards recognizing her theatrical choreography. Currently, Heather is an instructor and choreographer at Ratio Dance.

Heather is jazzed for another incredible adventure at Mark Kistler’s Fine Arts Camp and can’t wait to meet all of the amazing campers! Get ready to pump up the jam, shake your groove thing, and attack the dance floor — ATTENTION SHARKS!


Valerie Flynn

Meet Valerie Flynn, her love of drawing, painting and creating art began at age 4. She began teaching in 2000, continuing with her more recent YouTube Channel, Art ala Carte, which has over 240,000 Subscribers and 30 million views.

Take a peak at Valeries artwork and youtube channel!

How to Draw a Horse

Dorothy Kittaka – Teacher of “Choral Voice”, creator of “Opermania”!

If opera has you baffled, you’ll gain a whole new understanding from Dorothy’s own “Opermania.” Strap on your Viking helmet as Dorothy dares to make opera fun! She also offers voice lessons so anyone can “sing with more sound.”

Dorothy was a music educator in the public schools (K-12) in Indiana and Illinois for 35 years and was inducted into the National Teachers Hall of FAME in 1999. She is past- president and co-founder of FAME, Foundation for Art and Music in Education, that has touched the lives of nearly 4 million children since 1987. She has also sung in operas with the Indiana-Purdue Opera Workshop, given recitals in Illinois and Indiana and has been a soprano soloist with the Ft. Wayne Philharmonic.

Her honors include: Kennedy Center Arts Fellow; editor of Kids Kreate, Opera America, Wash. DC; IMEA, Outstanding Elementary Music Teacher; runner-up and finalist for the Indiana Teacher of the Year; Parents Magazine, As They Grow Award, presented at a White House Luncheon. She was selected to be in a book called, Teachers, A Tribute to the Enlightened, The Exceptional, The Extraordinary, published by Andrews McMeel, 2001. Married to late husband, Robert S. Kittaka, PhD. in 1962 and they have three married sons and are blessed with 10 grandchildren. Also known for her expert sushi rolling. 

Tim Decker – Animator, Puppetmaster – Hockey Coach

Tim Decker’s resume is a creative journey through worlds of wonder and adventure. He has worked as an animator/animation director for numerous well-known TV shows, Hollywood films and video games including:

– The Simpsons
– Alvin and the Chipmunks
– Steve Spielberg’s Knowledge Adventure
– Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
– Disney Interactive

Now, he teaches the next generation of animators how to tell funny and fantastical stories with cartoons, claymation and puppets at two colleges in Milwaukee.

He fulfilled a lifetime professional goal when he created animation for some of Disney’s most beloved characters in the games created for the company from 1996 – 2003. “It was amazing,” said Tim, who began teaching in MATC’s Animation program shortly after its launch in 2005.

His students now reap the benefits of that extensive professional experience. They must meet class project production schedules and deadlines, like the industry demands. Tim’s teaching philosophy is simple. “My time with students is to open the door to imagination and creativity.” His students have wowed You-Tube viewers with “Little Shop of Horrors”.

Rod Thornton – “Spider Man”, “Bat Man” Comic Super Hero Artist, retired Houston Fire Fighter, Planet Earths BEST BBQ Chef!

Not only has Rod been a Featured Guest Artist in our Virtual Classroom, he is also our Special Guest Artist at our Visual and Performing Arts Fine Arts Summer Camp! ALL CAMPERS will have the fun of learning how to draw Super Hero comics with professional Comic Artist Rod Thornton. Rod has drawn professional comics for Anarchy Studios (Sci-Fi Channel), submissions for DC Comics, Marvel Comics and has his own Comic Publishing Company. He will soon be releasing his own Children’s Comic Series, too. Here is one of his drawings that was the published cover of the Comic Convention Guide Book…how many characters do you recognize?

Rod has been a “Featured Guest Artist” several times on Mark Kistlers LIVE weekly webcast Virtual Classroom, (www.markkistlerlive.com), During these LIVE hour-Long classes we have learned that Rod is a retired Firefighter with The Houston Fire Department for 15 years. He was in a terrible car accident that broke his femur in six places and a radiating break into the hip. After 2-1/2 years on crutches and going through intense re-hab, his personal faith in god forced him into realize he had to “act as if it was so”. He tossed the crutches aside and hobbled into his local Kuk Sool Won Martial Arts Training school. Through pain, perseverance, and an unflappable spirit of optimism he WON TWO GOLD MEDALS AND ONE SILVER at THE WORLD KUK SOOL WON CHAMPIONSHIP IN 1996! Yeeeehaw!!


Rod Thornton went on to teach martial arts and pursue his childhood dream of being a professional comic book artist! Now he runs his own comic book publishing company, travels the country drawing commissions at Comic Con conventions, drawing freelance for Indy Comic Companies… Also during his spare time, he trains professional protection bodyguards. Four of these guards offer personal protection for visiting celebrities and National Sports Figures.

Rod is very enthusiastic about sharing his passion for Comic Book Illustration with ALL CAMPERS at our Summer Fine Arts Camp!


Click on images below to see Rod Thornton’s work!

Ginger Cook, Teacher of Fine Acrylic Painting, Studio Artist, World Traveler, Grandmother of 3!

Award winning artist Ginger Cook is recognized for her exceptional balance of color and light . She intertwines the bold strokes of thick impasto with softly layered translucent washes. The use of natural stucco and the combination of multiple layers of different media present the viewer with a three dimensional work. The G. Cook style of painting is both fresh and innovative.

She delights the viewers with her for unique painting style and mastery of color and is held in high esteem by many major manufactures of fine art acrylic paint in the world.

In 1997 she received 4 winning first place awards and the overall grand Prize wined of Liquitex “Paint a Difference Competition, an open call to acrylic artist across the world to summit art work that represented the best of Acrylic Painting. Liquitex subsequently featured her as a master acrylic artist, with a show of her paintings at the National Academy of Design in New York City.

Utrecht acrylics paid her the complement of a full page add featuring their paint and her artwork in Artist Magazine the following year.

2007 Chromline Acrylic Paint of Australia have asked her to test then newest product and subsequently represent it to various art groups and university students in her Southwest Region.

She currently demonstrates Matisse Paints for this major Australian Paint company through Jerry’s Artarama stores in the Houston area along with a newly published DVD entitled “Acrylic Secrets” which may be purchased on Amazon.com.

Take a look at some amazing paintings Ginger Cook will teach YOUR Genius Artist how to paint in 1-HOUR!  Amazing! Click images below to view a larger picture of Ginger Cook’s work.

Vicki Michelle – Owner of Vicki Michelle Dance School since 1994

Vicki Michelle earned a Bachelor’s Degree from Northwood University and has been making dance dreams come true for over 19 years! Her company instructs 350 students per week and is home to award winning VM Xpress Twirl Team. She has been teaching dance, twirling, etiquette and modeling for over 20 years. Vicki enjoys spreading her love of dance to students of all ages and abilities. She is the mother of 2 daughters, 1 son and 2 basset hounds. She loves her family and enjoys friends and golf when time allows. Every camper will have an opportunity to help choreograph a group dance incorporating ballet, jazz, hip hop, partnering and baton twirling! Vicki Michelle is excited to join this Dynamic Group of Inspired Passionate Arts Educators at Mark Kistler’s Visual and Performing Fine Arts Camp.

Morgan Michelle – Dancer & Baton Twirler

Morgan Michelle brings passion and youthful energy to all dance genres! She has studied dance and baton since age 3 and is currently the feature twirler at Seven Lakes High School. Morgan has won numerous awards for jazz, lyrical, tap and baton, including her title as Texas State 2-baton champion. Morgan has been classically trained in ballet and has been privileged to perform in Houston Dance Theatre Nutcracker, along with her starring recital roles as the Black Swan in “Swan Lake” and Cinderella in “Cinderella”. She plans to major in dance at Sam Houston State University and she can’t wait to share her knowledge and inspire the campers of Mark Kistler’s Fine Arts Camp!

Lisa Miller Root – Dancer, Teacher, Choreographer

Lisa is the proud president and co-director of Premiere Dance Company in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Her company instructs 400 students per week and is home to several competitive performing groups. Lisa studied the Cecchetti method of ballet and is a certified Cecchetti ballet instructor. She has been teaching many styles of dance for over 30 years including ballet, pointe, jazz, hip hop, tap, lyrical and contemporary. Her dances have won numerous awards including Best Choreography and National Grand Champion in Orlando FL. She is also the director of The Soul Brothers, a group of young men with Down Syndrome. Lisa enjoys spreading her love of dance to students of all ages and abilities. Lisa is the mother of 4 daughters, 1 poodle, 2 guinea pigs and 4 hermit crabs. She is also an avid photographer and can’t wait to bring her camera to Houston!

Lisa’s dance classes at Mark Kistler’s Fine Arts Summer Camp offered campers a variety of styles based on their interests. They were involved in choosing music and discussing the style of choreography from jazz to modern to hip-hop. Dances were tailored to each class and their abilities so that everyone has FUN while learning something new! Her motto: Be Inspired! Be Amazing! You can DANCE

CLARISSA ROOT – Dancer, Coach

Clarissa Root brings new energy to jazz, hip hop, tap and ballet! She is a multi award winning dancer, including winning a National Jazz Championship in Orlando Florida! Clarissa is the head coach of a middle school dance team and teaches all ages and styles at Premiere Dance Company in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Clarissa is studying Spanish at Indiana University and she was proud to share her knowledge and inspiration with the campers of Mark Kistler’s fine arts camp!

Stephen Hurst – Actor/Director Improv and Drama!

Stephen has been with the A. D. Players since 2000. He holds a M.A. in Theatre for Young Audiences and Youth from Oklahoma City University. Stephen has worked for the Clovis Unified School District in Fresno, CA as an Assistant Director and Choreographer, and as a performer at Paramount’s Great America. At the A. D. Players, Stephen has performed with the National Touring Unit, Children’s Theater, and Mainstage productions. He has done extensive teaching, is the Director of the Theater Arts Academy, and has been involved as director and assistant director for several productions. A few of his A. D. Players credits include Smoke on the Mountain Homecoming; Charlotte’s Web, Where the Red Fern Grows; Shadowlands; Joyful Noise; Mousetrap; Peter and the Wolf; and an award winning performance as “Gollum” in The Hobbit.

All fine arts campers experienced the thrill of acting. The whole world is a stage and they to proved it!

Jeremy Horton – General Manager/Music Director at “The School of Rock – Clear Lake”

Jeremy is the General Manager & Music Director for the School Of Rock in Clear Lake.  He has been a professional musician for over 25 years, played over 3000 shows and concerts and fluent on bass, guitar, and drums.  He is currently a House Session bassist at Auracle Studios and the bassist for 8 time Billboard Charting RnB artist J Metro.  In 2013 they toured Africa headlining jazz festivals and teaching Master Classes at Schools as part of an Arts-Envoy program for the United States Government.  Jeremy has also been playing with his band Moses Guest for 20 years.  They are currently working on their 7th album.  Several songs from Moses Guest have also been featured on MTV’s popular show, The Real World.  They’ve opened for several great artists, such as the Steve Miller Band, Willie Nelson, Jewel, Tower of Power, JGB (Jerry Garcia Band) and many more. Jeremy comes from a musical family; his mother is a pianist and vocalist, while his dad is a bassist, guitarist, vocalist and trumpet player!   His experience performing and his never-ending journey to be a the best well rounded musician he can be has also lead him to sound/studio engineering, production, booking and songwriting/ arranging for many artists throughout the world.  Jeremy’s ultimate goal is to ‘Pay It Forward’ by giving young inspiring artists something that will be with them forever, and bring them the same joy and journey’s that has fulfilled his life with great satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment.

Kate Farmer – Studio Coordinator Drummer/Vocals at “The School of Rock – Clear Lake”

REMEMBER Wednesday is “Costume Day!” at Fine Arts Camp!

Katie joined the School of Rock Clear Lake in 2015 where she is the Studio Coordinator, a Drummer, and a Drum Tech. “I love working at the School of Rock because I feel like it was made just for me. I love working with the kids and it is a great learning and creative environment for everyone.”

Katie has spent her life on the stage as and actor, singer and dancer. “Art is how I show people who I really am.”
Katie has also been involved in radio regularly since 2012 including working with renowned talk show hosts Cleverley Stone and Outlaw Dave.

Katie is currently a producer for the show Toonagers and works with the Martinez Brothers on music videos for Houston Rock and Metal bands.  As a freelance Film Maker she’s been filming local Skaters, Surfers, BMXers and contests in South East Texas since 2009. “I really enjoy not just getting excellent footage of Pros. that visit H-Town and South Texas, but all of the local Athletes who make the local scene what it is.”

Katie graduated from the University of St. Thomas in Houston with a degree in TV and Film Broadcast.

Katie has had the privilege to study  with local musicians such as Jeremy Horton, Kevin Radomski, Elliot Thirst, and Micheal Feighan, and Michael Anthony Shanks, Adrian Sebastian Galindo,  as well as Matt Starr, Ange Dunleavy, Michael Miller and Ingo Marte.

Jane Magid – Assistant Camp Director

Jane Magid is a very curious-minded person who likes to follow her heart and have fun. While on that mission, she has acquired degrees in linguistics, flute performance, and teaching—and has used them to work as an editor, classical flutist, and instrumental music teacher. She has been teaching music to kids for decades–since 2005, in San Francisco Bay Area public schools. Every year she directs several schools’ band programs concurrently. That means she has to remember hundreds of students’ names while reading music, swinging her arms, preventing drumsticks from flying, and getting kids to make the world a better place with great sounds. She thinks it’s the funnest job ever. When she’s not racing from school to school, she likes to jog, play her flute, garden and cook new things, take artistic photos, go to dragon-boat practice, and hang out with her daughter, who loves to draw.

Robert Neustadt – Series Producer

Robert returns to Mark Kistler’s Performing & Fine Arts Camp, taking a brief leave where he produces a weekly TV series on farming for Maryland Public Television. His roots are in Ohio, California, Illinois and Maryland.

Commuting from Chicago to Washington, D.C., he produced 19 half-hours of Dr. Know for Discovery Health Channel, which debunked old wives tales and medical myths. Neustadt also produced and directed for A&E’s “American Justice with Bill Kurtis.” He is Co-creator and Executive Producer of the Emmy award-winning series, Mark Kistler’s Imagination Station, 90 half hours based on the Simon & Schuster books distributed to MTV 2, 150 PTV stations and six countries. Neustadt served as Line Producer for Hearst Entertainment’s Ron Hazelton’s Housecalls, a traveling home improvement series. When Better Homes & Gardens (Meredith Publishing) entered broadcasting, Neustadt was tapped to serve as Post Production Coordinator for the series, syndicated by Eyemark to 170 markets. Over the last 20 years, he has written and produced medical, investigative and environmental segments for NBC, Fox, Paramount TV, TLC and Discovery. Early in his career, he worked for PBS flagship station Maryland Public Television on Wall Street Week with Louis Rukyser, Motorweek, and Weeknight Alive! Neustadt received Emmy Awards for Mark Kistler’s Imagination Station, The West and In America, weekly investigative magazine programs distributed by Paramount TV.

Previous corporate clients include Cardinal Health, Abbott, Leo Burnett, Hyatt, Motorola, McDonalds, The American Academy of Pediatrics, Dermatologists, Family Physicians and many other associations. Born and raised in Columbus, Ohio, Neustadt graduated cum laude from The Ohio University in Athens and received his Masters of Fine Arts from the American Film Institute in Los Angeles.

Sabrina Camacho

Sabrina Camacho is a graphic designer by title, but an artist at heart. She has been drawing and painting since she was a little girl, and she can be found doing these things in her free time till this day. She loves learning about everything possible, reading, science, cultures, languages (she understands almost 4 languages!), travelling to new places, making new friends, her family and her dogs, Samson and Danko.

She enjoys photography, cooking (and eating) new foods and volunteering. She hails from the wet and cold southern South American country of Uruguay, and has lived in sunny and hot Houston for the last 10 years. She went to high school and college in Texas, where she was part of numerous clubs and organizations, including being president of the International Students Organizations and a representative for the Student Government Association.

Upon graduation she started working as a graphic designer at a makeup company and became a member of the board for the UNESCO Chair in Bioethics and Human Rights – Bioethics Art Competition. Her dream is to work for the United Nations and help people all around the world.

“This is Sabrina’s fourth year working at the summer art camp. She can’t wait to see new and old faces, and help kids create and discover new things!”

James Clarke

James Clarke is an artist and advocate who dreams at night in full color tempera paint!

James served as Director of Education for the City of Houston, President of the Texas Art Education Association and National Art Education Association. He is currently Executive Director of the Texas Coalition for Quality Arts Education (TCQAE). James is author, editor and designer of the Teaching All Children to be SmARTer Through the ARTS.

He also represents acclaimed sculptor, James Surls. With all his bureaucratic titles, James remains a hands-on, roll up your sleeves, get in there and create ARTIST. *James is least known for his role as “Houston Control” in the retro pop culture home video “The Draw Squad” – starring, you guessed it, Mark Kistler.

James exhibited big plans for Mark’s Summer Art Camp by embarking on creative journeys in Xtreme painting, printmaking and a giant fanciful mural.

Thomas Cleveland

Thomas Cleveland wanted be an artist since he was 5 years old. He, like most children, loved to draw. He just never stopped. His passion honed by persistence and training have rewarded him with numerous awards and a contract with the United States Mint as a Master Designer in it’s Artistic Infusion Program. He founded The Artist Within Studio School to share that passion with others who feel in them selves a drive to create. His nurturing and down to earth approach puts his students at ease in their quest. Thomas has learned that creating art is a journey to be enjoyed and traveled a lifetime.

Thomas was born in Hugo, Oklahoma and attended Texas A&M Commerce formerly ETSU. He launched his art career in Houston, TX in 1984. His client’s have included such household names as: Coca Cola, General Motors, Nickelodeon, McDonalds and more. He began teaching art in 1997 and founded The Artist Within Studio School in 2004.

Take a look at the some of the work by students of Thomas Cleveland.

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What Parents Are Saying about Mark Kistler Art Camps!

Christina -Wichita, KS

Thank You a million times for bringing PBS’s Imagination Station Mark Kistler to Wichita State University!!!! Just Wonderful!!! The parents had MORE fun than the the kids! Here is a photo of our daughters working with Mark online…his lessons are BRILLIANT!

Shannon R. -Kalamazoo, MI

What a BLAST! What a terrific teacher and motivator! Mark is so funny, genuine, and has amazing talent! Thank you for allowing parents to participate for free! I’m having as much fun as my children…I didn’t have any idea I could draw!

Becky Johnson -Greenville, TN

Your class is my children’s first exposure to live, on-line learning, and I must say that I am very impressed with your classes! I love that they’re learning more drawing techniques and that they get a gentle introduction to live, on-line classes. You are a fabulous teacher and the kids love the classes! I am also impressed with how well you interact with kids.

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