Part 1 of my Adventure in India!

Visiting the kids at Khushi Rainbow Home, a homeless children’s shelter here in New Dehli India. Drawing with these kids was my favorite hour in India! So so sweet. The staff kept offering me the most delicious tea! Thank you for this invitation Mr Robin and Mehul Bansal ! Thank you Sonal Vashisht from Dehli Comic Con (ReedPop!) for inviting me to India!

Almost there!

On the plane…getting ready for this 14 hour flight to Mumbai! Whoa! Definitely my longest flight EVER! Until the return which is 15 hours 😳🕺! I’m looking forward to teaching kids in Mumbai and New Delhi how to draw!

And while we are on the subject…I want to teach your family how to draw too! I’m discounting my $99 1-year Family membership to ONLY $49!

Purchase your family membership today! Draw with me during this holiday! THANK YOU all for so much support in helping me chase my dream of teaching the world how to draw!

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India here I come!!!

I’m packing for my departure to Mumbai India Comic Con tomorrow! I have to admit I’m very geeked about this exciting journey, I’ll share more details as they unfold! I wanted to send you all a Turbo Holiday Special since I missed sending you a cool offer on Black Friday or Cyber Monday. How does 50% off my 300 Drawing Lessons membership sound? It’s usually $99 for a family 1-year subscription, it’s now $49 for a limited time. I sure hope you all sign up, I’d LOVE to draw with you and your family. This membership includes my LIVE webcast lessons as well.

Here’s a very cool letter I received today ….

“We used Mark Kistler’s 3D art site for a year and now we’re back for another year! I was thrilled to find this valuable resource as I had a couple of his books but I knew my kids would benefit from video lessons. They raced through many of the lessons twice. They love the humorous, entertaining style and the terminology (such as foreshortend circles) has effortlessly entered their vocabulary and their drawings. Mark Kistler has enhanced their creative expression…I’m a fan for life! Now if only mom could find enough free time for a turn!”
– Beth,

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Oh what Fun I had!

Birmingham UK Comic Con 2018, what FANTASTIC costumes!

Thanks Laura McCrum, Danny, Dayle and your entire TEAM MCM ReedPop Birmingham for making me feel so welcome!

I’m looking forward to my family panel tomorrow afternoon!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Birmingham UK Day 1: What should I do while waiting for my laundry to finish at the Launderette? How about a hair cut….and a beard trim!! Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

This was a GREAT DAY!

What an ADVENTURE today! Without my trustee German Friend to guide me, I had to actually THINK. I told Eric, it’s still fun for me to explore Vienna alone, it’s just a completely different kind of experience. Austrian Beer, Schnitzel, and backgammon in numerous very cool cafe’s and pubs. I hope we don’t wait 17 years until we meet again my friend! Check out my FUN day of “Mark The Explorer!”.

Schunnbran Castle, 1,654 rooms, Mario so wants to come VACUUM this place (yes I snuck a few FaceTimes with Mo). Lunch at the castle cafe was delicious Beef Goulash and beer. Stumbled upon a charming Strudel Show in the basement! Loved it! Yes, the Strudel was beyond words.

Uber back to my little quint Airbnb neighborhood. I discovered yet another tiny delightful cafe …something “Feminee’” didn’t realize the name, but I did realize after a half an hour that it was all pink (one of my favorite colors) and I was the only man with a dozen business woman scattered around on laptops. Lol

I walked a block to my comfy Airbnb for a WONDERFUL hour nap. Then braved the map to walk the half hour to the Palais Auersperg for a 8:15pm Mozart Concert. A VERY cold walk, but I bought some winter gloves from a shop stall from a man who looks more like a Texan Cowboy than I do! See photo!

The concerts about to start. The staff was so nice, moved me to the very front so I’d be able to hear. I’m looking forward to this!

Come see me tomorrow!

Exciting day at Texas Renaissance Festival School Days! My 3rd year as a featured guest artist, I LOVE THIS! I taught 4 family workshops today, “How To Draw YOUR DRAGONS!”, so much FUN! Don’t worry if you missed it! One more day! Come tomorrow! 8:30am-4pm, it’s only $10! I’m in the Polish Pub! That’s right! Mr. Pencil Power has taken over a 16th Century Polish Pub! My program times have been changed from the online program pictured below. The correct times are 9:30, 10,30, 11:30, and 1:00pm. I hope you take a “Family Day” from work, school, home school….and come have an unforgettable experience here at Texas Renaissance Festival SCHOOL DAYS! Thank you Brandy Almendarez Clark for your EXTRAORDINARY HELP all day in 83 degrees 169% humidity! Thank you Kim Bryant for inviting me back for 3 years running!