DAY 2!!!

Day 2 at my Roswell NM Art Camp at Anderson Museum Of Contemporary Art (my FAVORITE Contempory Art Museum on the PLANET!). Apparently today was cool little animal ears day as the below picture suggest

New Mexico!

Today is my Roswell New Mexico Art Camp Bring a friend FREE!” day at the coolest Museum on the Planet! Pack up the kiddos and come draw with us as my FREE guests at Anderson Museum Of Contempory Art!


Mario and I getting ready to go to my Moms Special Family dinner (Carlsbad California!) before tomorrow’s “Celebration Of Love” gathering 2-4pm Magee Park in Carlsbad.

Hope to see you there!

Here’s a quick reminder that my Mother’s “Celebration of Love” is this Saturday.

Can’t wait to see you there!

Event details:
Parking is available at the following locations:
Saint Michael’s Episcopal Church
Army Navy Academy
Street Parking
Carlsbad Village Faire Shopping Center (a short walk)

Celebration of Love for Joyce Kistler
July 7, 2018, 2:00 PM – 4:00 PM
Heritage Hall + Magee Park, 258 Beech Ave, Carlsbad, CA 92008, USA

Vegas, Friends and FUN!!

After 10 years of enjoying the wonderful testimonial (about how my PBS series inspired him from childhood )posted on my website from Dan Fraga, I had the pleasure of meeting him at Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con! Sam Ellis (Adventure Time, Archer) came out and visited my artist table for a few hours, then he and I joined Dan and his wife Beautiful Brilliant Briana Fragafor an AWESOME crazy delicious dinner!

You can make it possible for a child to attend Fine Arts Camp!

Thank YOU Analisa Pratt for this ORIGINAL pencil commission “Audrey” In 3-D! Your $99 donation toward scholarships for deserving kids to my Summer Fine Arts Camp is appreciated!

If YOU would like to help me Scholarship MORE kids to my Summer Fine Arts Camp please consider a $99 donation. I’ll draw an ORIGINAL pencil Commission for each $99 donation.

THANK YOU for your support!

Here’s how to sponsor a deserving child to my Summer Fine Arts Camp.

1. PayPal $99 plus $20 shipping ($119) total to

2. Be sure to include your shipping address and the NAME you want me to DRAW!

3. Share this POST.

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Art Camp. Art Camp. Art Camp

Farewell Alburqurque! At least until my NEXT Fine Arts Camp July 30-August 3! This week at Christ Lutheran Church was so so so WONDERFUL! We discovered treasure troves of creative ideas! You Funky Monkey Mighty Students made my spirit soar like a giant OWL! Now, it’s time to find a Starbucks!
Next Monday Sugarland Art Camp STARTS! Sign up TODAY at
July 30 Art Teachers Crew!
Gabrielle Wheeler Tommy Simms Jamie Hazelwood Joel Richard Gori Vallerie Glynn

Join us!

For all of those who knew my Mother! Join us!!