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90-Days! 90-Drawings! Dino Canyon

90-Days! 90-Drawings! Dino Canyon…LIVE FB Webcast from Mom and Dads house in Carlsbad California. Tomorrow Ill be LIVE FB from San Diego Comic Fest! All LIVE Webcasts are reposted to my YouTube/MarkKistler and my blog at

Posted by Mark Kistler on Wednesday, March 6, 2019

90-Days! 90-Drawings! The Ice-Cream Cone

90-Days! 90-Drawings! The Ice-Cream Cone…LIVE FB webcast from my parents Art Gallery home in Carlsbad California. The same home I grew up in. A lifetime of treasured memories. I’m definitely missing my Mom here tonight. I see this living room sculpted rock fireplace that my dad built for my mom, as a beautiful example of “Love is a VERB!”. I’ll show you more of their art collection tomorrow. Melissa Layton Corrigan

Posted by Mark Kistler on Tuesday, March 5, 2019