You have stumbled upon our secret page of 10-hours of FREE lessons. You have an opportunity to view some of the lessons from the various artists to see their styles and techniques.

Click the following links to see the various videos from Mark Kistler’s Drawing in 3-D Virtual Classroom lessons.

Mini-Marshmallow Lesson
(Geared for ages 8 and under)

Elephant, Frog and Pencil Club Green Level
Monday Evening: Bonus Lesson
Gorilla and Pencil Club Yellow Level

Tuesday Evening: Mini-Marshmallow
(Geared for ages 8 and under)
Mini Marshmallow Ducks Doughnuts and Doorknobs
Tuesday Evening: Bonus Lesson
Drawing Compass and Wave

Wednesday Evening: Mini-Marshmallow
(Geared for ages 8 and under)
Mini Marshmallow Eyes
Wednesday Evening: Bonus Lesson
The Eyes Have It

Thursday Evening: Mini-Marshmallow
(Geared for ages 8 and under)
Koala and Silver Level
Thursday Evening: Bonus Lesson
Robots and Bunnies

Special Featured Artist’s Videos

Claymation Lesson 1: Animation Demo Timing
Claymation Lesson 2: Animation Squash Stretch Demo
Claymation Lesson 3: Animation Demo Appear
Claymation Lesson 4: Snake Animation Demo


Fine Arts Camp Claymation Introduction VideoFine Arts Camp Claymation Introduction Video

Tommy and Jamie's Claymation Promo VideoClick the image to watch this fantastic claymation video!

Puppet PromoClick the image to watch this Puppet Promo!

Brandon Ray's Promo VideoWhat is Paper Animation?

Here are some more videos to watch from Brandon Ray and a few of our students:

Student Paul S.: Claymation Snake
Student Steve P.: Claymation Snake Race
Student Mikaela W.: Paper Animation – Ewe Beauty
Student Wu Family: Paper Animation – Sumo Eggs
Brandon Ray: Paper Animation – Rapunzel
Brandon Ray: Paper Animation – When Pigs Fly
Brandon Ray: Paper Animation – Galatic Squabbles
Brandon Ray: Paper Animation – Legend of Ice Cream
Brandon Ray: Paper Animation – Santa’s Cat
Brandon Ray: Paper Animation – Case of the Mummy
Brandon Ray: Paper Animation – Tortoise and the Hare